Audio lessons are provided to students which improve academic, physical, social skills, refine discipline and patience, and boost self esteem..

Event Calender

Students at Alhamd School of Islam and Modern Sciences are given a planner which is a great way to improve time management for Learning.


Alhamd School of Islam and Modern Sciences gives an affordable option to parents provide children with safe transportation..


We strongly believe that the Institute has an important role to play for the development of skilled professionals for the nation in the field of Islam, Science, Arts, Engineering and Technology. It provides a caring and conducive environment so as to inculcate in its students a positive attitude, progressive approach and leadership qualities. Our mission is to provide competency based knowledge and quality education under the shadow of Islam to prepare individuals having clear Islamic faith so that they must be spiritually strong enough to compete the challenges of modern era to defend the Islamic norms and ideology. We desire to make Islamic thoughts as the basic and active element of the future leadership of Pakistan as well as Islamic world.